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  1. There is a Coronavirus Cure!!!
    Really…really, there is. IT HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 35-40 YEARS, THE Medication, IVERMECTIN.
    You haven’t heard about it because no-corporation can make any profit from it’s use. Drug-manufacturing corporations will actually lose money if IVERMECTIN’s ability to cure patients of COVID-19, become well known, publicized, in the news.

  2. EVERYONE needs to have access to IVERMECTIN
  3. EVERYONE needs to tell everyone else, about IVERMECTIN. (we have to spread the news, again and again, we are the news)
  4. EVERYONE needs to go to learn about IVERMECTIN and see the usage instuctions at cdcstupidity.com, to understand weird situation that has allowed people to wither away, die, without IVERMECTIN treatment.

    Here is a tip, you need to get this…..it is a Rx antibiotics, but because it is one of the most widely used anti biotic, anti viral, you can find it at a farm supply store or order it online….. It is, REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!! IVERMECTIN, it is licensed to use on farm animal to kill all sorts of intestinal worms and bugs, for horses, and every pig and cow has been treated with it. Buy the tube of IVERMECTIN 1.87% used to treat horses up to 1250 lbs.. (A syringe type tube, with markings on it for the weight of the animal) DO NOT LISTEN TO THE BULL-POOPY THAT HAVE BEEN ISSUED ABOUT HUMAN USE BEING DANGEROUS. (That is some kind of deterring scam, which will be revealed or be controversial in the following months) .. It is not dangerous and is an WHO essential medicine, not farm animals, to humans.!!! Why is that? Because it is awesome, and not dangerous. It kills ALL corona virus (s) all forms of it. It is not a vaccine. It leaves your body very fast, within 2-3 days. But it cures you within 4 days AFTER you have been infected with CORONAVIRUS. The over-the-counter form sold is a yellow-ish jell that is put into the back throat-area for cows, horses, pigs, etc. to swallow, marketed for treating intestinal worms; dosed according to weight, at the same USDA max. human concentration. The pill form is called This As soon as you get the CORONAVIRUS, get some of this,…. It is be widely available throughout the world. Everyone on Earth needs this….(known as a ‘farm’ drug). It is only licensed to be used on human patients, for specific needs. That is because the Earth’s medical community, mainly the stupid US, CDC hasn’t run stupid double blind tests on it…… Yeah right????!!!! Then why is it the most widely used in Africa for treating EBOLA (ANOTHER CORONA VIRUS) and why has MERCK (the drugmaker) promised to supply the entire continent of Africa with IVERMECTIN, for as long as Africa needs it (treating AIDS, river-blindness (blood worms)). The CDC is stupid because several hundred thousand people have already died because of this VIRUS and it is saying nothing about IVERMECTIN BEING THE BEST TREATMENT!!!!! Is it because people can buy it and treat themselves?? Is it the DRUG-COMPANY-LOBBYING-GROUPS??? Probably. There are only 2 conditions, typically Collies (dogs) have a recessive gene that causes the drug to pass through the brain-blood barrier easier, and something else; not recommend for infants under 30lbs. (15kg) So if you have a collie, only give him/her a little bit. 200 mcg/kg is the strength of the horse-treatment syringe. Dose yourself according to your weight, and one dose should be all that is needed, which will make you immune to that strain of CORONAVIRUS, after around four days. If you get sick again with another strain of the VIRUS, dose yourself again. This is the truth…REASEARCH IT YOURSELF!!!!!! AND KEEP ON RESEARCHING!!!! BECOME VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THIS.!!!!! You will find out that everything that I have said it TRUE, my opinion is for the treatment amounts. I read IVERMECTIN treatment guidelines for treating EBOLA and other such INCREDIBLY DEADLY VIRUSES to treat the first day, again on the third day, and then again on the 8th day. Repeat treatments… But also have read that probably one treatment may be all that is needed. REMEMBER !!!! This is for AFTER you get the bug!!!! And it leaves your body quickly. Within 2 days in you #2, mainly, not your ‘P'(only 1% in ur-ine). I am keep messing up the IP settings, but I am trying to put this info on the web, on a domain i bought for this http://www.cdcstupidity.com. so, do everything I just said as a commandment!-!!! Trust me, I am a chemical engineering graduate, 1999, univ.of south alabama, but i’m a heath or fix-it nut, but when I sat in my kitchen, using my phone, trying to figure-out a solution to protect my family from this crazy virus, I first searched for how they stopped the spread of EBOLA in Africa…….. I quickly found they treat everyone who has gotten an Ebola infection with IVERMECTIN !-!!! It is tbe same drug I use on my cats and drugs for worms and ear mites!!!!! And I had ten syringe s of it in my living room!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it and I was so relieved!!!!!!
    SO, I HOPE ALL OF YOU GUYS SEE THIS MESSAGE AND SPREAD THE WORD. COPY THIS MESSAGE AND SPREAD IT TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!! GUAM IS AWESOME AND EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE U.S. VOTING POWER. THOSE OLD BUMS IN THE U.S. SENATE NEED TO BE CLEARED AWAY… ALSO, there is nobody who is stronger than this VIRUS. Everybody infected needs this, even if they are kids who have a mild case, they WILL BE and ARE SPREADERS. So you must treat them, so the virus dies quickly. People who have died (over 200k+) were not treated with IVERMECTIN. The docs are stupid, my neurologist chuckled at my info to him and said …’what is that? The stuff that Trump is taking?’ He didn’t know anything about it…..and he’s around 60 and from Pakistan.??? Like …. don’t you know what an ESSENTIAL MEDICATION is??? (as stated by the WHO)(which is correct, it has saved millions of lives and continues to.) AND LASTLY, if stated, a big piece of this IVERMECTIN CORONAVIRUS lack of widely publicized info………… IS THAT IT’S PATENT IS EXPIRED!!!!!! It is cheap, and NO BIG CORPORATION CAN MAKE BILLIONS OFF OF IT!!!!!!!! YOU CAN BUY IT AND TREAT YOUR FARM ANIMALS (YOU AND YOUR FAMILY) WITHOUT GOING TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!
    The U.S. FDA max. drug dose for IVERMECTIN is 200mcg/kg (or 200ug/kg, or 91mcg/lb. is commonly seen, it is very small) BUT, IVERMECTIN is still safe for humans at 10x that dose, as I’ve read. Spread my strange post to everyone… rgf. The film calls on U.S. infectious disease experts and scientists working at the cutting edge of research to break down how this devastating virus emerged, what it does to the human body, and why it exploded into a pandemic—all told with NOVA’s signature clarity and accessibility..rgf. Email me at support@cdcstupidity.com if you have any other questions. Hafa Adai!!!!!!!

  5. For the third Nursing Home contact, we decided to write an email, explaining things, maybe more clearly. We wrote the letter, sent it, and after a few seconds, it came back as with an unknown email address error. We will send it again, after we find a more reliable email address for the Robertsdale facility. We will post the email below to be able to see and improve upon it.

    On Sun, Jun 21, 2020, 5:49 PM Rick Garner F wrote:
    SUBJECT LINE: Covid-19 infections? Do you have any? This not spam; I’m local to mobile, rick garner f., with the covid-19 cure, please call if you do 251-648-7041

    Hello mkpoly, (also, if needed could you forward this message to the managing nurse or director, thank you)
    Your facility in Robertsdale, which is close to me. I live near the U.South.AL campus. I have what you need to CURE all patients of CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19.
    I am a local Chemical Engineer who found out about the CURE for all CORONA-VIRUSES, related to COVID-19, around 04/2020, from a NIH website, on an African medical study report, treating for and preventing Ebola. That and other websites, confirmed that IVERMECTIN treats and removes all COVID-19, from a recently infected person within 3-4 days.
    The story about IVERMECTIN and it treating & eliminating all COVID-19 infections is not in the main, popular NEWS because IVERMECTIN is a generic medication, patent-expired (Merck’s patent), and the more-popular the information about IVERMECTIN becomes, the more revenue that the drug-manufacturing giants, will lose. So, probably because of that conflict-of-interest, the CDC has not said anything about this obvious treatment.
    I was shocked when I learned that over 50 NYC nurses had died from COVID-19 infections. Now more are gone.
    (you can jump down towards the end; this is just information about the treatment; I get wordy when I write)
    IVERMECTIN will treat an active infection. It is not an immunization, although a post-infection patient can have an acquired immunity for that COVID-19 strain for at least a few months.
    Although, not a being an immunization, IVERMECTIN can be taken prophylacticly to become immune if deliberately encountering the virus.
    IVERMECTIN has a short 1/2 life of around 8-24 hours, approximately. Different sources, general estimates
    Some African-based, treatment facilities treat on day 1, 3, then 8. But mainly, only one treatment is needed. IVERMECTIN stops the viral replication, allowing the body to wake-up it’s defenses.
    (the COVID-19 infection tells your cells to not attack it; that ‘nothing is wrong’; that is why it takes a long time to battle it, successfully, … It gives false-messages to your cells)
    Some current news reports say that immunity may be for a limited time.
    That is OK, a single re-treatment of IVERMECTIN will again, defeat the virus and any of it’s strains, … as well as, … helps defeat the common FLU.
    There a big incentive TO NOT publicize IVERMECTIN as the CURE. The lot of corporate revenue would be lost.
    I have a limited supply that I ordered 2 1/2 months ago (one order took 35 days to get to me, in Mobile). My limited supply could treat at least 800 people. We are taking DONATIONS to acquire and distribute more stock.
    I, also, made a messy website, with links to many of the NIH, and other health institution, articles and others. It is called https://cdcstupidity.com . (it is long, … it has revisions, but with the old stuff, too, and repeats itself)(jumping-down to the bottom helps, also)

    If you have current COVID-19 infections in your Robertsdale facility or need supplies to protect your workers, I can deliver them to you.
    We are taking DONATIONS to equip as many facilities and people as we can. This infection is easy to treat and nobody needs to die from it, COVID-19, … people, patients, prisoners, nor workers.
    We can take DONATIONS but they are not important right now. We have the treatment, supply, and we need to save lives. That is what we are doing.
    Your Robertsdale facility is the first healthcare facility that I’ve, we’ve, written to. I have contacted Crown Health and Twin Oaks already, by phone, and will contact them, again on Monday, but I thought I would write to your facility to explain things (which might be easier).
    Please call to let me, us, know about your situation and if we can help,

    Thank you,
    Rick Garner F. https://cdcstupidity.com

    (you can message me, us, from the website or just call)

  6. Today we contacted two Mobile rest home facilities and wrote an email to a third, Robertsdale rest home. The first contact was listed on the NewYorkTimes.com government, or rather Medicare-Medicaid facilities that had the most reported COVID-19 infections in Mobile County. Crown Health Care at 3:08pm, and asked to speak to someone who is in charge of the medication that the patients receive and that we were calling concerning the COVID-19 infections. We were told to call back Monday-Friday and to speak to the Director of Nursing Service, Miss Ward.

    1. I am 67 y.o. female with TBI X7 Concussions. That equals broken blood brain barrier. Very sensitive to RX and chemical products. I weigh 135 lbs. What would be my safe dose?

      1. Whenever you encounter it, whether to get the bug and medicate to become immune, or if you have gotten the symptoms already,i would take the standard amount which would give you 0.000091g/lb or 0.000200g/kg for your weight of 135lbs…….depending on your IVERMECTIN source….3mg pills, or the jell, (🐎horse wormer jell, (paste?), it’s a jell though), found either from me or a farm supply store (that is the easiest and best source of IVERMECTIN, in my opinion).
        I think you should take the same amount, one dose at 0.000091g/lb, to kill the active infection, if just infected, or taking it for a preventative. You can repeat it every 3 days for a person who has been sick for a while. And if having breathing troubles, in addition to the IVERMECTIN, go to a hospital. But make sure you take a dose before you go…Hospitals are in a legal-bind or something, or something stupid,…..i believe….i don’t know….but something is up.

        Your past head injuries are a bummer….i know, i was in a coma for 9-days following my auto accident in 1987, my brain’s left-side had bruising (why my organizational and verbal skills are sometimes lacking). It was eleven years before i found out that a dopamine upper, ritalin, could help my constant horibke memory. Usually, all ‘force’ head injuries permanently damage (lower) your self-mantained dopamine balance. If you have had tbi’s, you most likely need dopamine re-uptake-inhibitors….aka Concerta 18 or 27 mg -TWICE PER DAY!!! Every 12 hours!!!! 60 per month. Fight to make sure you get it twice per day, from a neurologist or psychiatrist…..along with effexor twice per day also, …for the rest of your life. Along with blood pressue reducers…. I do 10mg lisinopril? Is that right? And 12.5 mg. …..ahhhh i’ll finish this later….i have to fix a printer…..first…ok bye for now….

      2. Getting back to finish my first reply to you, i would think that the regular dosage would be fine. IVERMECTIN is very well tolerated, and it is safe at even 10x (ten times) the dosage of 91mcg/lb or 200mcg/kg (0.000200g/kg) as what is dosed in the horse wormer product (which says not for human use, but it is ok and safe)(it says that just because it is being sold as a horse wormer and not for people, but is is safe. IVERMECTIN has been used on several billion people.

      3. PS…. From your head injuries, if you do have memory problems, Concerta (12 hour-release form of Ritalin)(needed twice per day, every 12 hours) will drastically improve your thinking capabilities. Head injury people have drastic reductions in the amount of dopamine contained in their brain-fluids. Dopamine is the primary neurotransmitter allowing for brain-cell communication. Everyone with a severe head injury suffers from this condition. Just like diabetics needing insulin, TBI people need increased dopamine. Good luck with everything in this currently wacky 🌎 world.

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