The US CDC is stupid, and corrupt. IVERMECTIN is the CURE for EVERY COVID-19 VIRUS STRAIN and the CDC refuses to acknowledge this.

NEW EDIT: Please see the several article copies from BY SELECTING MENU. The ARTICLES are very EYE-OPENING, showing the danger of this EASILY-DEFEATED COVID-19 VIRUS.

THE COVID-19 VIRUS along with ALL of it’s STRAINS are ALL are defeated in your body with the help of IVERMECTIN, by blocking the VIRUS DUPLICATION step.

You can personally buy IVERMECTIN 1.87% at a Farm Supply Store, in your area or online, … OR HAVE US SEND IT TO YOU, BY EITHER DONATING OR EMAILING US AND WE WILL MAIL IT TO YOU [this a charity] (I bought many to distribute, to save lives).

If I keep talking, I will say the say things over and over again, as I have below, on this web page over the last months. I should have made a blog-type webpage, but I mistakenly, kept adding to the front page by writing at the top. So, it looks like a long 🏃 run-on story, that repeats itself, in some ways. Sorry about that. (… as I keep ✍ on writing…)

Please hit the MENU button, above, to read the different pages, ARTICLE PAGE COPIES, about how damaging this virus can be to you. (also, there are some articles about ineffective or dangerous treatments that drug companies are promoting, trying to make money in this pandemic.

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This is a VERY different and stange position for all drug manufacturers and their publication departments. The best and only ideal treatment for COVID-19 and it’s STRAINS, IS IVERMECTIN. There is no better treatment than IVERMECTIN. Their job is to manufacture, and patent new drugs. Their job is not to publicize the incredible ability of IVERMECTIN. Publicizing and advertising, newly-discovered patented drug requires investing multiple millions of dollars.

ALSO, VERY, VERY IMPORTANT******* NO ONE should self-isolate at home to battle the COVID-19 virus WITHOUT IVERMECTIN !!!!! Every human needs IT, TO STOP, the VIRUS PROGRESSION. Until you find some IVERMECTIN 1.87% keep looking for it. You and everyone else needs it. It’s USE is the only way you can defeat the VIRUS unharmed, and quickly.

If you get VERY SICK before you get IVERMECTIN to defeat it, you need IVERMECTIN and medical help to help you safely survive the damage it has already done to your body. IVERMECTIN is not what the hospitals are going to treat you with, even if you beg for it. Also, only the sick or infected can go into hospitals, currently. You need to treat yourself with it before you enter the hospital. Yes, entering the hospital without being getting or taking IVERMECTIN first, can be a death sentence. Just ask the families of over 100,000 Americans that have died in America’s hospitals. The simple solution is IVERMECTIN. This is a very, very sad situation. What is causing this lapse of judgement?

What is causing this lapse of medical judgement?

You NEED IVERMECTIN, and you may also need additional medical help. Such as, if you are short of breath. You need to be medically checked-out, also.

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********************************************** Below here, ‘My Writing’ is where I have written about This Global Pandemic, With the Incredible ‘Shock’ that THERE IS ALREADY A CURE, WHICH CURES ALL-CORONA-VIRUS-INFECTIONS!!! THIS INCREDIBLE REVELATION is not front-page news because (in my current-final-determination) it is because our government officials are elected based-on how much 💰 money they can receive in donations. Our officials do not want to 😡 upset their primary donors. If IVERMECTIN was declared as a cure for all CORONA-VIRUSES, as it is, all of these big vaccine-makers, aka. BIG DONORS, would not be able to sell their POOR ATTEMPTS at creating a comparable MEDICATION.

IVERMECTIN does exactly what it needs to do to CURE ALL COVID-19 INFECTIONS, with the least amount of risk to the patient.


But there is a Conflict To Our Human Instinct Of: ‘for the greater good’.

And that is, 💰, money in politics. 💰 in politics creates corrupt rules, laws, that benefit private-industry and the donation-dependent, elected-politicians. In politics, the bigger message wins (the politician with the most advertising 💰), even if the advertised message is true or not or whether the politician is corrupt or not.

IVERMECTIN was already discovered, patented, and made big-money for it’s former-patent-holder (Merck). That patent-time has ended, for IVERMECTIN (2 combined ‘avermectin’-compound-types).

Why have all these people died?

This, GREED for MONEY, is the basic REASON why IVERMECTIN has NOT been used to save these infected people. Why you don’t see it promoted by the NEWS (who survive off-of advertising revenue) or in commercials?

The COVID-19 PANDEMIC has exposed how corrupt the 🇺🇸 US political system has become by allowing the candidates’ accumulated-wealth rather than their honesty & leadership qualities. Money is what determines who leads our nation.

I am not great at creating a flowing article, or great at creating a web-page, or site, so…. many info things are repeated, but also, there is an email link to me, Rick GarnerF., and a donate button, all the way at the page bottom, and right below here. This will allow us to buy more IVERMECTIN and have it sent everywhere and abroad.

Please CLICK the MENU button, ABOVE to see the article pages, especially the ones about HOW COVID DAMAGES YOUR BRAIN. And the other brain damage articles.

It seems that if the CDC does it, then every country follows. Not every country follows the US CDC. But for the countries that do follow the CDC, they are wasting billions on dangerous COVID-19 drugs. This applies to the US medical community, also. Patients are rampantly dying and the physicians should know better, and some do.

The true basic problem with the United States is Money in Politics. Congressman and senators spend over half of their political lives campaigning for donations to keep their jobs and their political parties funded.

Why are medical professionals and their patients dying when all that they need is IVERMECTIN. We know, there is a learning curve for everything, but reading and learning about IVERMECTIN for just 10 minutes; IVERMECTIN will save their and their patients’ lives.


Over five-hundred thousand (500,000+) people have already died from the COVID -19 (SARS-CoV-2) CORONA-VIRUS. The hospital pharmacies, if not already stocked with several pill or tablet forms of IVERMECTIN such as Mectizan® (in Africa), Stromectol (U.S.), or ‘generic’ IVERMECTIN (everywhere)then, the pharmacies CAN and SHOULD order it.

Why are these physicians not treating these patients with IVERMECTIN? Hummm? Your answer? Ahhhhh. (there is no answer)

That is the same answer, which was nothing, from a popular YouTube video-producing respiratory physician, Dr. Hansen.

Erarly in the COVID-19 epidemic he made a video about the possible solutions to the empidemic. He gave IVERMECTIN a 4/10 chance at being the solution. I responded to his 📫 post, telling him that that I gave IVERMECTIN a 10/10, and that I thought he should study IVERMECTIN more thoroughly.

He never responded to me and took ‘his opinion-based’ probable-COVID-19-successful-treatment video down. (I imagine he realized that he might have been wrong in his opinion about IVERMECTIN)

  • We, at CDCSTUPIDITY.COM, plan to treat currently infected rest-and-rehabilitation homes, initially, and wherever we can find infected people. Anybody and everybody. (and here is our progress!)
  • Drove to PENSACOLA, FL …. Delivering by Mail-Box IVERMECTIN, To a family, 🏠 household of 5, where 1 or 2 were sick with the suspected VIRUS. (have milage and area photos, to record it for us, a general record)
  • They had e-mailed us, asking for help and that they didn’t trust the hospitals. (specific communications, who and where, are kept private, unless the people want to post on this WEBSITE about their experiences (we hope they do, knowledge is 🔋 power, especially in this Pandemic-Time)
  • I don’t know their local hospital situation but if they can not definitely tell you if they will treat you with U.S. IVERMECTIN (Stromectol-merck) or plain Generic-IVERMECTIN to you, I would immediately leave and find and ingest some, before you are admitted to a 🏥 hospital (they are under wacky rules and you could get stuck there without it)(life-threatening, … do not trust them, get the specific medicine, IVERMECTIN, DEMAND IT, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO PROTECT YOURSELF … BEFORE, you GET STUCK THERE. THERE HAVE BEEN OVER 120,000 U.S. DEATHS, MOST OCCURRED EVEN WITH HOSPITAL CARE, … NOBODY IS SCREAMING ABOUT IVERMECTIN AT THE HOSPITAL, THEY ARE STUPID, DEADLY STUPID. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO RISK YOUR LIFE TO PHYSICIANS WHO ARE ONLY CONCERNED WITH PRESERVING THEIR JOB, NOT YOUR LIFE.

There is a list of federal institutions, rehabilitation facilities, that also listed the number of current infected. We are going to find that list again, try to post it here, and then try to get the places to allow us to treat the everybody who is 😷 sick, along with leaving extra IVERMECTIN supplies for other cases that occur. We will post our results.

We need to acquire supplies and to mail them out to the hundred or thousands of places that agree to treat their infected.

This will work to end the suffering and lives ❤ that are carelessly lost.

NOTE: This webpage has been written backwards, and at different times. It is repetitive and needs to be edited. Thank you for visiting. We hope that we can lessen your worry about COVID-19, … All it takes is a small amount of IVERMECTIN, which blocks the virus from entering, replicating, and destroying your cells. With this action stopped, your body will easily identify and further eliminate the COVID-19 virus.

People are needlessly dying. This is a pandemic. The Earth’s intelligent, civilized, information-sharing population has never experienced this type of event. This is not the time to follow lower-level, insignificant, non-global population-threatening, rules, concerning PUBLICATION, authorization, or any other stupid rule or procedure, which blocks the ANNOUNCEMENTS or IMPLICATION of DISTRIBUTION PROCEDURES for the LIFE-SAVING MEDICATION, IVERMECTIN.

Rules are meant to be 💔broken, at certain times. If this isn’t an appropriate time time for some rules to be broken, then why are we all, currently, dressing-up like bank-robbers?

  • Is it Halloween? Has it been Halloween for the last four months? And will we still be dressing for Halloween up to and past next Halloween?

Can you speak to the dead and tell them that you are sorry, but you were just following the rules?

No, you can’t.  Over 500 medical personnel have died, treating others with COVID-19. There is something very wrong.  

I, the author, knew about the COVID-19 solution after reading a NIH (National Institute of Health), article about the successful virus elimination in over 60 EBOLA positive patients using IVERMECTIN.

There is the simple fact that this VIRUS is EASILY TREATED AND DEFEATED with IVERMECTIN. This fact shows there is something incredibly wrong with our solution efforts, or information-sharing and the GOVERNMENT’S ACTION, or rather, INACTION.   

In the end of our brief analysis, it MAY BE all about the ability of a few who are blocking CRITICAL ADVISORY INFORMATION to the public and to generate MONEY (NEW DRUG SALES), and to NOT LOSE MONEY (GENERIC IVERMECTIN DRUG SALES WILL DOMINATE SEVERAL MRKETS).

These information-blocking officials are in co-operation with our nation’s political leaders, not doing what is undoubtedly correct: commanding to place simple IVERMECTIN medicine distribution locations, in every community around the globe. THIS ALONG WITH NOTramping-up the patent-expired drug, IVERMECTIN, production at Merck, as well as all of the other IVERMECTIN drug facilities around the globe. 

There is an adequate IVERMECTIN supply to treat those already infected with COVID-19, most likely.  There are enough facilities that currently produce IVERMECTIN, to adequate increase production, and protect the Earth’s population.

  The main focus is on a VACCINE. A VACCINE would be a new product that could make billions for specific corporations; ia VACCINE will continue to take a long time to develop, prove, and then implement.  The CORONAVIRUS CURE is already available as the CDC and FDA approved, expired-patent drug, IVERMECTIN, global production would be very inexpensive and implementation would be quick.

IVERMECTIN kills the virus, and KILLS all STRAINS of the COVID-19 VIRUS.

You can get IVER.  MECTIN mailed to you, PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY, from this website, SUPPORTING US AND OUR MESSAGE, or you can find it from other online sources.

IVERMECTIN is not dangerous or fatal for anyone. COVID-19 is DANGEROUS and FATAL, for every age-group, especially those with compromised immune systems.

After becoming infected, you need to help STOP the VIRUS INFECTION in your body.

You can do this by obtaining and ingesting the medication IVERMECTIN and easily defeating COVID-19. In as little as 2-3 days, after becoming infected, you will be COVID-19-FREE.

Without IVERMECTIN, having mild symptoms, you could be a COVID-19 spreader, contagious, for several weeks, or possibly, in your battle suffer several debilitating mini-strokes, as your body slowly battles COVID-19 without IVERMECTIN.   It will trash your organs and litter your capillaries with cellular junk, causing you irreparable brain-damage, breathing ability, or worse just because you were waiting for your idiot-ruled government to save you.

Over 150,000 Americans have already died with the solution right in front of them.  Or you might have some Superman pride that told you, that you were tougher than this.  

Ya’ see, … I don’t think Super-man has thought-this-through. This is no time to be tough. If you are human, you need IVERMECTIN. I don’t think the country would like to take care of Super-man’s, possibly disabled, body, for the rest of his life. 

Actress or model, … almost lost her legs to COVID-19. Do you think Super-man has better insurance or a better chance of keeping his legs, than she did? She is probably wealthy, and had probably the best chance of being able to go anywhere for the best heath ❤ care.

PLEASE, don’t be a Super-👨-man.  Nobody is tougher than this VIRUS.  If you need INSULIN, to survive, then YOU NEED INSULIN to survive.   

If you need IVERMECTIN to quickly CURE your body of COVID-19, then … YOU NEED IVERMECTIN to quickly CURE your body of this VIRUS.


[some articles, also state that IVERMECTIN can CURE the SEASONAL FLU, and also, treat many other conditions. Not to mention, reduce EXPENSIVE treatment costs.

 These cost-saving aspects give more credence, or reason, as to why the drug-manufacturing lobby groups would very much like to keep IVERMECTIN’s abilities hidden. IVERMECTIN’s use as the ideal treatment would drastically reduce their industry’s income.

Do this simple thing, DONATE to OUR WEBSITE AND LIFE-SAVING EFFORTS to receive the proven CURE for all  CORONA-VIRUS-STRAINS. [it took 35 days to receive one order, from a supply company]


I URGE YOU, PLEASE, THIS IS NOT ABOUT US and OUR EFFORTS TO MAKE OUR MESSAGE LOUDER, heard everywhere, and treating those very-much in-need [AS WE ARE TRYING TO DO] with needed donations. 


YOU MAY BECOME INFECTED SEVERAL TIMES, WITH POSSIBLY, UP TO 13 [MAYBE MORE] STRAINS. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE IVERMECTIN 1.87%, @200mcg/kg (0.OO0200g/kg), or in 3mg tablet form, in your possession, you can treat you and your family members with one dose. Cured within 3-4 days, with one dose.

The following writing below is my backwards, compilation of writing, efforts to make the effective message, which points to over-whelming evidence of IVERMECTIN’s abilities.

It started with myself in a panicking mode trying to figure-out how to protect my young family, and distant parents (WA state). I quickly found the most-effective treatment for all corona viruses, is given to patients in Africa, battling their many endemic viruses, which easily exist in the humid and warm tropical environment.

NOTE #2: This advice is not from a medical doctor. This website’s content is authored by a very-motivated chemical engineer, RGF, who is very concerned about your personal health, where ever you are on the globe, and the mayhem of confusion caused by our own CDC. The CDC also lacks truth.

There is a patent-expired ‘generic’ compound, IVERMECTIN, which is used and available, world-wide, that completely defeats the virus, with one dose. Yes, a miracle drug; as it has been called that for it’s life-saving abilities. Some countries are catching on, to this easy treatment. One entire county/city area has in South America, has experimented by giving the medication all the residents, taking it on two specific following dates, to see if the virus can be totally eliminated.   

The referenced articles are from medical doctors or appropriate officials, experts; most probably.

Why is the U.S. CDC [presumed to be run by competent human-health physicians], … why are they, saying nothing about IVERMECTIN.?.? Being that it is the best, and only, treatment, that each of us, as Pandemic-Time Citizens, should have in our POSSESSION, IMMEDIATELY!!!

This would save so many lives and start to end this crazed period.

This is the primary medication, at a MINUSCULE COST, which ALL HUMANS need TO IMMEDIATELY stop COVID-19 , … AND ANY OF IT’S several GENETIC STRAINS.

Why isn’t Ivermectin being publicized as the best treatment for COVID-19, as it should be? I don’t know, … (although it is very easy to guess) … It has to be about MONEY, … and, of course with that there must be, CORRUPTION.


This is supposed to be a clean, fair, and honest pandemic. We are all in this predicament together. We are supposed to be buddies helping each other out. Look, they gave us time-off from work, and a huge check to cover our expenses.

Who could be corrupt?

  • $2-3 TRILLION $$$$ (already spent/loaned) >>> (which is, obviously, an incredible amount, when compared to …) >>> $20-30-40-even-$100 BILLION which could be earned from new drug sales of ‘a flop’ drug (REMDESIVIR). … [Huh, what??? How can anyone sell a drug that hasn’t been thoroughly tested?](REMDESIVIR; which is practically worthless, toxic, and damaging) … but countries are currently buying it!!! … WHY??? I do not know why these countries are buying such junk. THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS!!!
  • There has to be thousands upon thousands of people, globally, that know IVERMECTIN is all that is needed to quickly stop the infection in people.
  • IVERMECTIN – the best anti-bug, anti-corona, anti-viral, in existence, … AND IT IS ‘PATENT-EXPIRED’; IT IS GENERIC; anyone can make it without having to pay royalties to anyone; it is extremely-low to almost no-cost, NO-ONE CAN MAKE BILLIONS $$$ ‘OFF-OF-IT’– any miniscule cost would be for it’s distribution.

[maybe that is what – THIS has turned-out to be, incredibly-ridiculous, … in some ‘small-brained’ influential-people, there is a small-gain, … to them, as long as there is a gain (in sales & stock-price), …to the that is OK,,, … even for a huge, huge, huge global-cost]

In the CDC’s defense (possible excuse), the CDC could say, “IVERMECTIN has not currently been proven as an effective treatment for COVID-19 through double-blind testing.”

  1. There is a current pandemic. All valuable and life saving information needs to be immediately released to the public, especially ground-breaking information, such as the Bangladeshi 100% successful, single treatment of IVERMECTIN and Doxycycline for 60 COVID-19-positive patients that subsequently tested COVID-19-FREE, after 4 days. (which is one example that proves my point)
  2. IVERMECTIN is produced and sold, now, as a generic 💊 medication; Merck’s patent has expired (Merck, may have the greatest supply of Ivermectin (Mectizan®), as it supplies Africa, free of cost, through humanitarian aid)
  3. A double-blind test takes 3-4 months. The time is now, people are dying now.
  4. Globally, we are at over 500,000 deaths. I learned about the IVERMECTIN solution after reading an NIH (National Institute of Health, U.S.) article on EBOLA, TWO MONTHS AGO!!! (04/2020) It is now 07/2020 and the U.S. CDC is still playing the role of, … SUPER-STUPIDITY!!! (Center for Disease Control)
  5. It seems that the CDC is waiting for an effective vaccine or maybe they haven’t heard ABOUT THE MOST WIDELY-USED AND DONATED, blood-worm destroyer, EBOLA eliminator, IVERMECTIN. (Merck has donated 2.5 billion tablets (Mectizan®-IVERMECTIN), at a cost of over $3.75 billion, to Africa)
  6. Guess what Merck? IVERMECTIN Also Destroys COVID-19. Of course, Merck representatives know that IVERMECTIN effectively saves human lives from COVID-19, but are not distributing it to cities or counties…? Why?
  7. IVERMECTIN has already been proven to stop the duplication of all CORONA-TYPE VIRUSES, COVID-19, (SARS-CoV-2) CORONAVIRUS, is a CORONA-TYPE VIRUS.

IVERMECTIN was, and is still used to treat and cure tropical disease river blindness (onchocerciasis) in Africa, using Mectizan®; rebranded IVERMECTIN.

Merck, manufacturer of Ivermectin (Mectizan), decided in 1987 to donate the drug to all who need it for as long as necessary until river blindness is eliminated as a public health problem. The Merck Mectizan Donation Program is one of the longest-running disease-specific drug donation and public/private partnership programs in history. Since the program’s inception, Merck has donated 2.5 billion tablets of Mectizan at an estimated value of $3.75 billion.[in Africa]


IVERMECTIN STOPS ALL CORONA VIRUS(S) by blocking the key Impα/β1 step for the CORONA-VIRUS duplication stage. With this step blocked, the CORONA-VIRUS, COVID-19, and all of it’s dies.


“Ivermectin binds to and destabilises the Impα/β1 heterodimer [ie…two non-identical proteins stuck together] thereby preventing Impα/β1 from binding to the viral protein (bottom) and preventing it from entering the nucleus. This likely results in reduced inhibition of the antiviral responses [ie…reduced ability of the virus to weaken your body’s anti-viral response], leading to a normal, more efficient antiviral response.” NOTE: [… …] denotes this website’s attempt to clarify the medical language.

Possible excuse response – “But that study was in-vitro (lab dish), and human testing is different.”

That study was in-vitro (lab dish), showing the ability and potential applications. IVERMECTIN – COVID-19 – trials were occuring then and now. We can GOOGLE IT !!! LOOK [by clicking back there]

If you see my car, what do you do? Follow it and repeatedly ‘honk’ so that I become aware that you would like me to stop; so you can get the Ivermectin medication, to protect your family.

Wr have around, 90 multi-dose plastic syringes, containing IVERMECTIN. I need to get more for this and other areas. Important: This plastic, oral dispensing use, 💉syringe is the only medication you need to treat COVID-19, … if you just became sick (high temperature, loss of taste, loss of smell, diarrhea, etc.. For the COVID-19 TREATMENT, you do not need an additional amount of Doxycycline which was included along with IVERMECTIN in Bangladesh, curing all 60 patients within 4 days. Although, not needed, Doxycycline may be helpful. The main mechanism, the primary compound NEEDED, is IVERMECTIN; the recommended max. concentration of 200 mcg/kg (although safe even at 10x the concentration)

This COVID-19 treatment that you can take care of, by yourself, at home or wherever.

Why am I doing this? I am doing this because people are dying, right now. There are no alarms going-off, warning that the disaster approaches. This is a drastic life-impacting disease. But then, there is ‘The Godzilla-Elephant in the Room’. Don’t you see it? The huge Elephant is IVERMECTIN SILENCE!!!

Two months ago, when I was trying to find a way to protect my family from COVID-19, it took me 20 minutes before I found-out the solution, IVERMECTIN. I searched for how EBOLA (also, a coronavirus) was stopped in Africa.

[sorry about the repetition; editing soon] I found out 2 months ago (04/2020), after 20 minutes of reading about EBOLA treatments, that IVERMECTIN is the CURE for COVID-19 and the CDC still has not informed the public of the best, and only way to protect you and your family from the CORONAVIRUS. (and without having to get an Rx, prescription)


Out in the public, it is a hard concept for people to grasp. People have no idea how much their lives are at risk. They have no concept of what this virus will do to their bodies. Because the public does not realize how tremendously this new super-flu will rip their lives apart, it would be an even further remote-possibility that they could grasp the incredible benefit that this low-cost wonder-drug would give them. Who would easily believes that this immense, life-changing virus can be easily defeated by a 35 year-old Japanese-golf-course wonder-drug, commonly known to treat horses, cows, pigs, cats and dogs? People are just COVID-19 stupid, just as I was.

How was I going to ‘alert the public’, ‘spreading the word’? Making it as Loud as I could, I painted my car, … with the message that people need to get prepared and …[this is very, very important] … Do Not Get Sick Without Ivermectin !!!

Do Not Get Sick Without IVERMECTIN!!!

This is a non-profit; a charity.

What if you are not frightened; to you, it’s just another flu? If you are a lucky one, the majority of humans, where symptoms are mild and non-life-threatening, then it is all care-free….. WRONG !!!

  • If have it you are a carrier and virus spreader. You need IVERMECTIN to destroy the virus in your body.
  • After one treatment, you will be COVID-19-FREE, within 3-4 days. [if you take IVERMECTIN immediately upon showing infection signs]
  • Everyone needs IVERMECTIN and everyone needs to self-administer as soon as you show signs of infection.

If you are a smoker, tobacco user, you have a 13x increased chance of needing extensive COVID-19 medical care (without IVERMECTIN).

If you were already, unfortunately infected, spent time in the ICU, and recovered, you have an approximately 30% chance of having micro-blood clots, that may have caused mini-strokes. Light-headedness?

  1. I am 67 y.o. female with TBI X7 Concussions. That equals broken blood brain barrier. Very sensitive to RX and…


  • IVERMECTIN 1.87% UNITS that can treat 5 or more people with COVID-19 infections are $15 for the first unit, mailed to each location.
  • The second unit and multiple more units needed for each mailed location are just $10, more, each.
  • These amounts are for, if you can afford to donate. If you can not afford to donate, E-mail us with your name and address. We will mail IVERMECTIN to you and your family.
  • Also, E-mail us with any questions.

If you can not afford a donation to our cause and efforts, you need it yourself, or you know somebody who needs it, please E-mail us your name and address and we will mail it to you. We are a charity.

Each IVERMECTIN UNIT can treat a infected family, at least once, for a family combined weight of 1250 pounds. Dosage goes by patient weight. The postage is included.

All donations and targeted-donations (for a group or location of people) are greatly appreciated.