Letter to NewYorkTimes condemning their Leadership

Post submitted to letters@nytimes.com

“, there is no cure for Covid-19” as your article states,,,,

Why does the NYTimes continue to play stupid???????
Yes, you are stupid. And you are playing stupid!!!!!!
You know that IVERMECTIN can cure covid-19, but you, the NYTIMES are part of the Worldwide covid-scam, … to sell new drugs????? Who cares about miniscule profits when this scam has cost multiple Trillions?
There is no comparison.
This is a huge F-up, by Trump and Fauci (going along with blocking IVERMECTIN’s declaration), not declaring IVERMECTIN for emergency use.
IVER. is the best and only treatment that has no comparison. It is the best and only effective cure for covid.
The NY times is perpetuating the biggest SCAM OF THIS CENTURY and therefore I am ending my subscription to you.
It seems that you are complete idiots.

It took me 20 minutes of reading, in my kitchen, over 6 months ago, to find out that the last internal-bleeding virus, of the same virus family, was stopped, controlled, defeated, with IVERMECTIN.


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Pink Floyd – the final cut — which song is your favorite? (facebook question)

The Fletcher Memorial…or The final cut, but the whole thing, i’ve listened to it since early 80’s over and over again, worn out cassettes, and i even listened to it today, yesterday was any color you like, us and them, …. It’s my favorite album, my pink floyd period is from the final cut to meddle, and that one movie album…..can’t recall….sound tract to the movie More, but not a fan of much else, not with sid, was before my time…more, meddle, and up to the final ✂ cut, lapse of reason was ok, but roger was notably missing, as in the richness, the quality, ….but also, with roger’s albums past the final cut, he lacked the other 3 and his voice sounded mono-tone, and sort of identical through all the songs…which i only once skipped through wondering what they sounded like…was disappointed…..ahhhh…they didn’t like eachother, but they made the best music together.  That’s over, tbeir voices are old now, as we all have gotten old, too