Nation’s Leading Doctor Has Some Harsh Words for the CDC

From:  SONS OF 1776  MAY 12, 2020

From the very start of the virus pandemic, our nation has had to rely on. what the CDC tells us. Yet the agency designed to prevent the spread of disease has dropped the ball time and again. Their incompetence lead to a catastrophic lockdown of our nation. Now, one of our nation’s top doctors, is calling out this bogus agency.

There is a lesson to learn from all the COVID-19 insanity of the last few months: don’t trust your health to the government. You might think agencies like the CDC have your best interests at heart, but trust me when I say, the private sector does a better job than any government entity.

The CDC was woefully unprepared for the outbreak. They were even saying as late as February that this virus was not a big deal. It seems they took their cues from the World Health Organization, instead of investigating on their own. Only President Trump appeared to be worried, when he closed the border to China in January.

The crisis got much worse, thanks to CDC’s stupidity. Despite having billions of dollars in funding, they could not provide a quality test. Only after Trump turned to private labs did we see the historic acceleration of testing. CDC was behind the curve from the very start and they haven’t gotten much better.

Now, a leaked report from a recent task force meeting reveals that even Dr. Birx is fed up with this agency’s reporting.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus task force response coordinator, believes some official COVID-19 statistics like death tolls may be inflated by up to 25%, a new report states.

Birx criticized the method the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was using to collect its data during a heated task force meeting…

The number of COVID-19 deaths has been a major point of confusion and speculation. Reports have come out that suggest states are inflating their numbers, to milk more money from the federal government. Some hospitals are reportedly coding deaths as COVID, despite underlying medical problems. The exact number of deaths has been changing over and over again.

There is nothing from the CDC that I can trust,” Birx reportedly told CDC Director Robert Redfield. [Source: Daily Caller]

Even on the CDC’s website, they have seemingly hidden their figures.

Death numbers are pretty important, as it gives us a better idea about how deadly this disease is. Predictions about this disease have been wrong from the start. Many question state and local reporting. Are people dying from the virus or with the virus? The difference is monumental. Especially when you consider some states are pointing to deaths as the most important factor in reopening.

If the CDC can’t separate fact from error, then we can’t trust anything they tell us. They are supposed to be the leaders in the battle against this disease, yet Birx herself apparently doesn’t trust them.

It appears Birx is joining Team Realty when it comes to the lockdowns. She has said, “mortality is slowly declining each day” and wants to focus on protecting the most vulnerable—rather than punishing all of us.

Yet people like Fauci and others in the mainstream media continue to push unreasonable and unrealistic lock downs and disruptions to our way of life. These disruptions are not sustainable and numerous infectious disease experts agree that lockdowns don’t even effectively slow the spread of the disease.

When you consider the original reason for the shutdowns was to prevent hospital overload, then why do we still have them? No hospital outside New York was overwhelmed. In fact, countless hospitals around the country suffer from a lack of patients. So… why are so many places still shut down?

It seems much of our suffering has come as a result of CDC’s incompetence. The government flunkies that run this agency are unwilling or unable to do their job. Perhaps it’s time we stop listening to this group of unelected cronies and get back to our normal lives?

From:  SONS OF 1776  MAY 12, 2020